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Condition: Microsoft!


Usually, ads for used laptops rate the laptop’s condition as “excellent” or “good” or “fair” and so on. The author has never seen a laptop rated as “Microsoft”, though he does wonder what symptoms accompany a diagnosis of “Microsoft.”

Chronic update-related rebooting, one would assume.


Tech Tidbit #7 – Set Default Save Locations In Windows 7

Find “Documents” on the right-hand side of the Start Menu and right-click it with your mouse. Select “Properties”, the last option on the drop-down menu that will appear.


You will then see a list of folders. The folder with the check mark next to it is the current default save location. You can change this by clicking on another folder and then clicking “Set save location.” You must also click the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen for the changes to be saved correctly.


If you do not see the folder you would like to set at the default, click on the “Include a folder” button to see more options.


Tech Tidbit #5 – Set The Default Printer In Windows 7

Select the Control Panel on the right-hand side of the Start Menu.









Under “Hardware and Printers” on the left-hand side of the options in the Control Panel, choose the first option, “view devices and printers.”














There will be a list of available printers on this page. To select one of the available printers as your default printer, right-click that printer and then select “Set as default printer.” A large green check mark will appear next to the printer that is your default printer.












Tech Tidbit #4 – Pinning And Unpinning Icons From The Windows 7 Start Menu

A shortcut to frequently-used programs can be created on the Start Menu through a process that Microsoft calls pinning.

If the program is currently on the start menu but not yet pinned to it, right-click the program and select “Pin to Start Menu”:








Once “Pin to the Start Menu” is clicked, it will remain at the top of the Start Menu above the blue line regardless of how often it is used:







If you no longer wish to have a program pinned to the Start Menu, right-click the program on the list and select “Unpin from Start Menu.”