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Tech Tidbit #7 – Set Default Save Locations In Windows 7

Find “Documents” on the right-hand side of the Start Menu and right-click it with your mouse. Select “Properties”, the last option on the drop-down menu that will appear.


You will then see a list of folders. The folder with the check mark next to it is the current default save location. You can change this by clicking on another folder and then clicking “Set save location.” You must also click the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen for the changes to be saved correctly.


If you do not see the folder you would like to set at the default, click on the “Include a folder” button to see more options.


Tech Tidbit #6 – Download Google Docs Files As Microsoft Office Documents

Log into Google Drive and open the document that you wish to convert into a Microsoft Office compatible file extension such as .xlsx or .doc.

Go to the file menu and hover your mouse over “download as.” You will see a list of file types, including those used in Microsoft Office. Click on the file type of your choice and the document will begin to download in that file format.


Tech Tidbit #5 – Set The Default Printer In Windows 7

Select the Control Panel on the right-hand side of the Start Menu.









Under “Hardware and Printers” on the left-hand side of the options in the Control Panel, choose the first option, “view devices and printers.”














There will be a list of available printers on this page. To select one of the available printers as your default printer, right-click that printer and then select “Set as default printer.” A large green check mark will appear next to the printer that is your default printer.












Tech Tidbit #4 – Pinning And Unpinning Icons From The Windows 7 Start Menu

A shortcut to frequently-used programs can be created on the Start Menu through a process that Microsoft calls pinning.

If the program is currently on the start menu but not yet pinned to it, right-click the program and select “Pin to Start Menu”:








Once “Pin to the Start Menu” is clicked, it will remain at the top of the Start Menu above the blue line regardless of how often it is used:







If you no longer wish to have a program pinned to the Start Menu, right-click the program on the list and select “Unpin from Start Menu.”


Tech Tidbit #3 – Save A Word 365 Document As A PDF File

To save a document in Microsoft Word 365 as a PDF file, go to the File Menu, located on the top left of the screen. Choose “Export” option near the bottom of the list. “Create PDF/XPS Document” should be highlighted in blue in the center of the screen, as seen in the screencap below. Click on it.








You will then be given choices as to where to save the document. Choose the folder where you wish to save the file and then click “Publish.” If you do not already have PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader or Preview, you may need to install one of these first in order to be able to view the PDF file.











Tech Tidbits #2 – Create Jump Lists In Windows 7 & Windows 8

Jump Lists are one of the features of Windows 7 (and now Windows 8) that greatly benefits those who use certain programs and files within those programs frequently. Pinning a program to the Taskbar makes it easy to access this program frequently. This is done by right-clicking the icon of the program when it is open in the Taskbar and selecting the option “pin this program to Taskbar.”

If there was a certain file within the program (such as a budget or inventory) that was used frequently, this file could be pinned onto a jump list in order to make it more quickly accessible. The Jump List is accessible by right-clicking the icon of a program that has been pinned to the Taskbar, as shown in the screencap below:










Notice how recent documents show up on the jump list. These recent documents can then be pinned to the jump list by hovering over the file and clicking on the pushpin symbol that appears to the right of the file name. The files that are pinned to this jump list will appear at the top of the list even of other documents have been used more recently.

To remove a pinned program from the jump list, simply click the pushpin icon to the right of the document name on the pinned list and it will be removed from the list. If you wish to remove an entire program from the jump list, right-click the program icon in the Task Bar and select “unpin this program from Taskbar.”


Tech Tidbits #1 – Use F11 To Make Your Browser Full Screen

In a moment of reaching for the phone or even another key on a cramped laptop keyboard, it is easy to make the top part of your browser disappear accidentally. This error is easily corrected with a single key. Pressing the F11 key will restore your browser to its usual size and restore normal functionality.

When working with a document or text-heavy site in an Internet browser, F11 can also be used to remove the browser bar to make the page easier to read. Below is a screenshot of a typical Google Drive document in a browser window:










When F11 is used on the same page, notice how the tabs, address bar, and add-ons disappear in the screen shot below: