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Search From The Omnibox In Chrome OS

The address bar in the Chrome browser actually has a dual function. It’s called the “Omnibox”, and it functions like a normal address bar in a typical browser. Type in any web address into the Omnibox, and Chrome will attempt to connect to that website. However, the Omnibox is also tied into Google’s powerful search engine. That means you can use the Omnibox as a search engine without first navigating to an Internet search site like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

To use the Omnibox as a search bar, simply type your search terms into the Omnibox. As you type, Google will suggest “autocompletes,” likely guesses based upon your search terms. For example, if you type “chromebook review” into the Omnibox, Google will offer suggestions appended with the names of popular electronic review sites. You can then either keep typing, or select one of the search terms by clicking on it with the mouse or trackpad or by hitting the TAB key until the suggested term is selected.

You can also use the Omnibox to search within a specific site. For example, if you wanted to search for any specific mention of the term “chrome”, you would use the search terms “ chrome”. You can, of course, change the value after the “site” operator to any site you would wish to search. Additionally, you can also search for exact search terms by enclosing the search term within quotation marks.

Basically, you can use the Omnibox in exactly the same way as Google search – any operators that work in the Google search engine will work here as well.